Full Winter Shares

Winter Shares are sold out.  Thanks for the support!

We are proud to offer two winter share options!  Each of these shares run from November through March.

Our weekly full winter produce share keeps the party going all winter long!  These 20 weekly pick ups will include roots (carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips), onions, fresh salad greens, cabbage, cooking greens, squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.  ALSO! It will include fruits whenever available.  This means local apples and (not so local) oranges and assorted citrus!  We hope to be your one stop shop for all of your in season produce needs!

This weekly one size share is roughly equivalent in size to our small share during the regular season. You can expect 5-6 pounds of roots, plus 2 pounds of fruit when available (local apples and/or Florida citrus), a bag of greens, kale, winter squash while it lasts, kohlrabi and cabbage!



Our monthly winter share includes a monthly 20 pound box full of roots (carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips), onions, squash (while it lasts), potatoes and sweet potatoes.  These are crops that are easily stored in your fridge or pantry at home.



A quick note about the winter share offerings and schedule.  This is our first adventure in storing and distributing CSA shares year round.  This will be a new adventure for us!  We hope that you join us in this adventurous spirit and see what is possible!  Knowing that we may have some gaps in production for certain crops we will do our best to work with other local farms to help fill in any gaps that we may have in our own production.  This means that we may buy in greens or different root vegetables if we move through our stock prematurely.  We will be up front when any of the produce we are providing is not our own and we will be sure to label it with the producers name.  While we can’t say exactly what will be available each week it is our commitment to you that we will always be providing a bountiful and full share to you all winter long!


The logistics!

The share begins November 2nd and runs for 20 distributions until March 23rd

Our local pick ups will be Thursday and Friday from 2:30-6:30 and Saturday 10-2.

Our Boston area pick ups will be on Wednesday

We will be closed the week of December 25th-29th.  And we will be open on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving.


YES!  We do accept SNAP/HIP on all of our shares.

Please email Nate at farmers@crimsonandcloverfarm.com with any questions or SNAP inquiries.


2024 CSA and Farm Store!


Wednesday-Friday 12:30-6:30

Saturday 9-2


PYO is open every day during daylight hours


Boston area pick ups every Wednesday and Thursday:

Pick ups start at 2:30 at each location.