We are currently hiring positions for the 2024 season!

If you would like to apply:

  • Please read position descriptions below
  • Send us a resume, a letter of interest and 2 work related references
  • Please identify which position(s) you are interested in
  • We will schedule a farm tour and interview with qualified applicants.

Assistant Manager Position (search paused)

Crimson & Clover Farm is seeking a full time assistant manager for the 2024 season and beyond.  This is a full time position April-November and part time December-March.  Assistant manager applicants should select either the Harvest/Wash Up Coordinator position or the Greenhouse/Hoophouse Manager Position.(See below)  This would be your focus while also executing your assistant manager duties.

The assistant manager will work along with the manager (Nate) and be responsible for keeping the crew on task, efficient, and productive.  Preparing the farm truck for the beginning of the day.  Making sure work transitions happen swiftly. Training crew members in field tasks. Generally helping the farm to work smoothly on a daily basis.

We are looking someone with at least 2 years of farming experience,  someone who is organized, a quick learner, a very hard worker, is able to think 5 steps ahead, has experience leading and training others in farm work,  and who naturally takes on responsibility.

This is a full time position with occasional weekend responsibilities.  This position pays $18-$20/hr depending on experience and qualification.  Plus a $500 vacation stipend.

Full time field crew positions

Experienced Field Crew Team position descriptions

IMG_1749Crimson & Clover Farm is a diverse mixed vegetable farm based at the Northampton Community Farm in Florence, MA. In 2024 we will produce vegetables on about 25 acres for 600 CSA members and our on site Farm Store. In addition to these 25 acres we will also be managing and improving an additional 35 acres that we are leasing. Our goal is to continue creating a bountiful, fun, and creative community based farm. We want our workers, our customers, and the community as a whole to see this farm as a place where they can come to share in the beauty and the good work of farming.

At Crimson & Clover Farm we offer a collaborative work environment that encourages input from employees in making our farm more productive, efficient, and fun. While this is not an apprenticeship or teaching position there is a lot of learning that happens on a daily basis and we are very open to sharing all of our knowledge of running a business and growing vegetables.

We are seeking 5 full time field crew members and 2 full time farm store staff for next season. The field crew will be responsible for executing all of the work of the farm. These tasks include harvest, wash-up, planting, weeding, CSA distribution, managing farmers markets, and some tractor work. The whole farm team works together to ensure that all of the core work of the farm is accomplished.

In addition to the general team-oriented work each field crew member is given a dedicated realm of responsibility (see the specific position descriptions below). These offer the opportunity to take on real responsibility and ownership to some of the key elements of the farm.

IMG_9121For all of these positions we are looking for people who are positive, hard and fast workers, people who easily take on responsibilities and can work productively both in groups and individually. The ideal candidate has at least 1 full season of farming experience, or the equivalent. We offer a 5 day work-week; crew members are expected to work 40-45 hours/week during the main season and to be flexible at times when additional hours are needed. We strive to maintain a sane and balanced work schedule but there are times that we work a little later than usual or start a little earlier to get through certain projects.

While these are seasonal positions we do have three part time winter positions available first to staff who are committed to staying the following season.

The available positions begin in early April and runs through October 31st 2022. This is an hourly paid position. We start all employees at $16/hour (paid overtime).   All of our employees also get lots of vegetables from the farm and discount from the farm store. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide housing at this time. There are lots of rental opportunities in the area.

Harvest/Wash-Up Coordinator  (filled for 2024)


In addition to planting, weeding and all field related tasks, the Harvest and Field Crew Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the daily morning harvests with our part time 5 member harvest crew (starting at 6:45am)
  • Coordinating (with Nate and Farm Store Manager) the washing and packing of all of our harvests.
  • Upholding our food safety standards
  • Coordinating the washing and packing of all CSA, Farm Store, market and wholesale vegetables
  • Coordinating with Farm Store Manager the packing of cooler
  • Coordinate the boxing of our Boston shares with other crew members

It is important for this to be a person who can manage others in the tasks of harvesting, washing and packing vegetables.  This person must be a skilled, fast, and hard worker who can easily take on responsibility. All of our positions offer a 5 day work week. This position runs Monday-Friday.

IMG_8400Field Crew Member and Propagation/Hoophouse Manager

(filled for 2024)

In addition to assisting with harvest, planting, weeding and field related tasks, hoophouse responsibilities include:

  • coordinate the seeding of greenhouse starts
  • keep our vegetable starts watered and healthy
  • irrigate, fertilizer, prune, spray our hoophouse tomato crop
  • sanitize greenhouse trays
  • coordinate transplanting of starts with crew and Nate

All of our positions offer a 5 day work week. This position runs Monday-Friday

Field Crew Member and Tractor Operator (filled for 2024)

In addition to assisting with harvest, planting, weeding and field related tasks….

Tractor Operator responsibilities include:

  • coordinate tractor work with farm manager
  • primary tillage and bed prep
  • cultivation and flame weeding
  • mowing
  • driving the transplanter
  • coordinate care of our ‘fleet’ with farm manager (2021 Kubota M6H 100hp, 2010 Kubota 55hp, 1981 Kubota L245, 2 1940’s-ish Farmall Cub Tractors)

This is about a 25% field work and 75% tractor work position.  There is more tractor work in the spring and early summer and slightly less in the late summer and fall. This position starts at $15/hr but more experienced tractor operators can earn up to $18/hr.

CSA Distribution and Delivery Driver 

Responsibilities include:

  • 2 Days of deliveries to the Boston area.  1 days includes delivering our pre-boxed shares to 8 distribution sites.  1 day includes distributing to Boston area members in a farmers market style setting.
  • Setting up and staffing our local CSA farm stand- 1 day/week
  • Offering welcoming, friendly, and helpful customer service to our 300 local CSA members and local farm stand shoppers (shared with store assistant)
  • Coordinating the packing of our walk in cooler
  • Keeping the CSA/farm store clean, well stocked, organized, and well labeled
  • Assisting where needed around the farm

It is essential that this be a person who loves food, cooking, talking to customers, and presenting vegetables in a beautiful display.  This is a diverse position that involves customer service, sales, logistics, packing produce, coordinating orders.  This is very much a ‘foodie’ and ‘people person’ position!  Also, must be able to lift 50 pounds regularly. All of our positions offer a 5 day work week but this position may be 4 days. This position runs Monday-Friday, some Saturdays. Evenings are expected when closing the farm store.

Field Crew/Farm Store Assistant

(filled for 2024)

This position involves assisting in the farm store, CSA distributions, and farm beautification as well as harvest, wash-up and field work.

The Farm Stand and CSA Distribution assistant shared responsibilities include:

  • Setting up and staffing our CSA farm stand
  • Offering welcoming, friendly, and helpful customer service to our 350 local CSA members and local farm stand shoppers (shared with manager)
  • Keeping the CSA/farm store clean, well stocked, organized, and well labeled (shared with manager)
  • Work with the harvest manager to bring in and wash harvests
  • Work with other field crew on weeding, planting, and assorted other projects.
  • Optional- taking on one of our Boston area CSA deliveries.

This is a diverse position that allows for equal parts retail work and field work. All of our positions offer a 5 day work week. This position runs Monday-Friday with some Saturdays required. Evenings are expected when closing the farm store.

IMG_8465Harvest Worker (5 part time or full time positions available) 

These are dedicated harvest work positions.  There may be times of jumping in with other field work but these positions help us bring in the bounty each morning.  Starting in June we will be harvesting every morning from 7-12.  This is a 5 hours a day every weekday position.  Full time is also available which will involve jumping in with field work and weeding.

All of our positions offer a 5 day work week. This position is Monday through Friday.

2024 CSA and Farm Store!


Wednesday-Friday 12:30-6:30

Saturday 9-2


PYO is open every day during daylight hours


Boston area pick ups every Wednesday and Thursday:

Pick ups start at 2:30 at each location.