Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct relationship between farmers and eaters, a farm and a community.   By joining the Crimson & Clover Farm CSA you become a shareholder in the farm – sharing with us in both the risks and the rewards of each growing season.

Shareholders pay up front for a seasons’ worth of beautiful vegetables grown right here on the Northampton Community Farm.  By purchasing a share of the harvest at the beginning of the season you are helping us get the year off to a great start – buying seeds, fixing equipment, and hiring our fabulous farm crew.  In exchange, we provide you with a weekly selection of delicious, freshly picked vegetables for the length of the harvest season. You will get to know the farmers growing your food and you and your family will have a farm-away-from-home at Crimson & Clover Farm and the Northampton Community Farm.

By joining the Crimson & Clover Farm CSA you will be supporting a family farm, keeping your food dollars in the local economy and supporting the success of the Northampton Community Farm. Together we can create a farm rooted in community that grows food in an ecologically sound way and serves as a hub for celebration, gathering and education.

Local CSA pick ups are ongoing.  To sign up please come by the farm

Four reasons to join the Crimson & Clover Farm CSA

1. You will receive the freshest, most delicious produce grown right here in Northampton. CSA is about a lot of things, but really it’s all about the food, right! We select varieties primarily for flavor and harvest your share the day you pick it up. There is just nothing better than farm fresh vegetables. Seriously.

2. We farm using only organic methods that are good for the land and good for your food. By supporting Crimson & Clover Farm you are supporting the positive and proactive stewardship of the Northampton Community Farm land – an amazing community owned resource.

3. Choice and Flexibility: With our mix or match system we provide you with the ability to choose your own mix of vegetables each week, bringing home produce that works for you and that you are excited to cook with. We also offer two different share-size options so that you can find one that works for you and your family.  Also, we are open Tuesday through Saturday give you the opportunity to get to the farm when it works for you!

4. By supporting Crimson & Clover Farm you are helping to make the vision of a community based farm a reality! This is YOUR FARM!

Local CSA pick ups are ongoing.  To sign up please come by the farm!

How Does it Work?

Share Sizes and Costs

2024 CSA and Farm Store!


Wednesday-Friday 12:30-6:30

Saturday 9-2


PYO is open every day during daylight hours


Boston area pick ups every Wednesday and Thursday:

Pick ups start at 2:30 at each location.