About the Farmers

Nate Frigard has been the owner and manager of Crimson & Clover Farm since it began in 2011.

Nate has a passion for growing great vegetables, building healthy soils, and building a vibrant community farm. Nate loves the opportunity that farming provides to connect with the land, the farms crew, and the community as a whole.  For Nate, farming has always been about more than just growing great food but also the building of connections with nature and among people.

Crimson & Clover Farm began in 2011 as a project of farming partners Jen Smith and Nate Frigard.  From the beginning the vision was always to create a community based farm where folks could come to not just pick up their CSA vegetables but also walk the land, pick strawberries and flowers, see their neighbors, learn where their food came from, and for this opportunity to be accessible to as many people in the community as possible!

In 2016 Jen stepped back from her role in the farm operation.  Jen continues to love farming, plants and the natural world.  She currently works as the greenhouse manager for the Amherst College Biology Department and lives nearby the farm.  Jen remains an active member of the Grow Food Northampton Board of Directors.

Farm kid Noah has been hanging out at the farm since 2013!

He loves walking the fields, picking strawberries and getting to go on tractor rides!  You may see him in the share room or in the fields!


Check back in the spring to learn about our 2021 crew!

2024 CSA and Farm Store!


Wednesday-Friday 12:30-6:30

Saturday 9-2


PYO is open every day during daylight hours


Boston area pick ups every Wednesday and Thursday:

Pick ups start at 2:30 at each location.