SNAP Shares

SNAP Share Program

Crimson & Clover Farm is happy to partner with Grow Food Northampton to offer up to 40 subsidized Community Supported Agriculture shares for the 2017 season.   These weekly shares of farm produce are available to anyone who has SNAP benefits and can commit to the program for the full farm season. Other than the cost and method of payment, these shares work in exactly the same way as our regular CSA program. For more information on the CSA and how it works please click here.

In the past, SNAP customers have paid half price and Grow Food Northampton has paid the other half to the farm. Now, a new state program called HIP(Healthy Incentives Program) will match SNAP payments made to our CSA, up to a limit based on household size. Grow Food Northampton will continue to contribute toward your share to make sure that the net use of SNAP benefits from your account is less than half the market price of your share.


Regardless of the amount of your monthly SNAP benefit, the HIP benefit is $40/month for households of 1-2, $60/month for households of 3-5, and $80/month for larger households. HIP benefits are automatically available to everyone with SNAP, but only get rebated to your SNAP account if you use SNAP to purchase certain products (fresh fruits and vegetables) sold through certain channels (participating CSA farm, farmers’ market farm, farm stand, or mobile market). So, our share program is a perfect way to access the benefit to help pay for healthy, local food!

In addition to the new HIP benefit, as a CSA member your monthly share payment will now transfer directly from your SNAP account to Crimson & Clover’s bank account soon after your benefits arrive each month. There is no need to swipe your EBT card at the farm in most cases!

The actual amount you pay each month will depend on your household size (which affects your HIP benefit), what size share you want, the amount of your monthly SNAP benefit, and whether you want a regular 20-week share or an extended 24-week share. For example, let’s say you want a 20-week Small Share (regular price is $500), you receive $200/month in benefits, and your household has two members. You will pay $80 in SNAP each month from June through October but you will receive $40 in instant HIP rebate to your SNAP account each time you make this payment, so only $40/month will actually be reduced from your SNAP balance. Grow Food Northampton will pay the farm the remaining $100. In this case, you get a $500 share for a $200 net expenditure of SNAP spread out over 5 months!


If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below. You will then receive a Membership Agreement in the mail that you must fill out and sign, and send in by May 25 in order to be fully signed up for your first share pickup the week of June 13. Please send your Membership Agreement with a $25 deposit to Crimson & Clover Farm. We will refund the $25 deposit in late October for all SNAP shareholders who have paid in full for the farm season. If you leave the CSA early for any reason this deposit will not be refunded.

If you miss this deadline but want to participate in 2017, you will need to contact Michael (Habla español) at Grow Food Northampton ( or 413-320-4799×104) to find out if and how to apply.